Stochastic Models for the Inference of Life Evolution

The equivocal mean age of parents in a cohort

Bienvenu, F.

The American Naturalist


The mean age at which parents give birth is an important notion in demography, ecology and evolution, where it is used as a measure of generation time. A standard way to quantify it is to compute the mean age of the parents of all offspring produced by a cohort, and the resulting measure is thought to represent the mean age at which a typical parent produces offspring. In this note, I explain why this interpretation is problematic. I also introduce a new measure of the mean age at reproduction and show that it can be very different from the mean age of parents of offspring of a cohort. In particular, the mean age of parents of offspring of a cohort systematically overestimates the mean age at reproduction, and can even be greater than the expected lifespan of parents.


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